redhot diagnostics receives an Intention to Grant from the European Patent Office for the rhelise™ kit. Application no. PCT/EP2020/051233

redhot diagnostics AB (redhot) 20 July 2021 has received an Intention to Grant notice from the European Patent Office (“EPO”) for its patent application for the rhelise™ kit. The rhelise™ kit is for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM), by taking capillary blood sample from a lancet stick in the finger. By TDM the optimal dose can be defined, which is not the case today for many pharmaceuticals

The international report was entirely positive, and the invention was judged to be patentable. No obstacle to the invention was mentioned in the report


The invention came out of the need for an easy way to take blood samples in our work with Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM). The rhelise™ kit is a new and unique approach for minimal blood sampling. It could be used in health care centers, at pharmacies or at home by a layperson. The kit gives a unique opportunity to change the present way to perform TDM which is needed and can be applied for many pharmaceuticals. The front runner for TDM is the analyze of tamoxifen. Tamoxifen is prescribed to women as and its metabolites in women that are.

Conventional venous blood sample is restricted due to high costs and long turnaround times, self-testing home-based capillary sampling overcomes these limitations by offering a low-cost, easy-to-use on-site analysis method to explore and expand the full potential of therapeutic drug monitoring.

The front runner for TDM is analyses of tamoxifen and its metabolites in women that are treated for breast cancer.

Correct dosage for patients will optimize the treatment effect, increase quality of life and save money for the society

About redhot diagnostics AB:

Redhot diagnostics AB is company with focus on developing the next generation of analytical kits for LC-MS/MS platforms.

The LC-MS/MS platform is now moving from the research environment to the clinic routine lab settings. With that follows that the methods used for different biomarkers has to be standardized in a way that makes them easy to use in routine labs and with preserved quality.

The introduction of complete LC-MS/MS kits for different established biomarkers is today a relatively unexplored business market.

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CEO Håkan Randahl, redhot diagnostics.