rhelise® kit for monitoring of pharmaceuticals levels in cancer patients

Redhot diagnostics has developed the rhelise® kit, that makes it possible to take a capillary sample from a lancet stick in the finger. The kit initially developed for phosphatidylethanol (PEth), which is a biomarker for long term alcohol intake.

The Ethics Examination Board and the Medical Products Agency have given consent to validate the rhelise® kit within the current clinical study TailorDose-II at Karolinska Institutet / NKS Solna.

The pharmaceuticals studied are Cyclophosphamide, Epirubicin, Doxorubicn, Decetaxel and Paclitaxel. The study is made to show that individualized dose adjustment of chemotherapy against breast cancer is better than current practice, body-based dosage. The initial study performed will be to compare venous and capillary blood samples.

About redhot diagnostics AB:

Redhot diagnostics AB is company with focus on developing the next generation of analytical kits for LC-MS/MS platforms.

The LC-MS/MS platform is now moving from the research environment to the clinic routine lab settings. With that follows that the methods used for different biomarkers has to be standardized in a way that makes them easy to use in routine labs and with preserved quality.

The introduction of complete LC-MS/MS kits for different established biomarkers is today a relatively unexplored business market.

Additional information:

CEO Håkan Randahl, redhot diagnostics.