rhelise™ kit

Taking a conventional blood venous blood sample is a time-consuming and non-efficient procedure. redhot is now introducing a new, more convenient and cost-efficient alternative to conventional sampling. 

The rhelise™ kit is a patent-pending sampling kit intended to be used by a layman in a home environment. The kit consists of a lancet, a capillary (20 to 70 μl), and a vial with an extraction solution. For each biomarker / pharmaceutical that is to be determined the extraction solution is optimized to keep the compound stable for more than 14 days at room temperature. 

The rhelise™ kit is easy to use by a layperson at home because of its simplicity and ease-of-use. There is no need for trained personnel when the sample is taken, no need for cold storage during sample transportation and no need for elaborate extraction procedures at the lab. 

The rhelise™ kit could be optimized for any type of biomarker / pharmaceuticals. The kit could be very useful in clinical studies, where the volunteers need to give samples frequently. 

The rhelise™ kit is also very suitable for Therapeutic Dose Monitoring.