redhot has signed a distribution agreement with Triolab Oy, Finland

redhot diagnostics have a new distributor in Finland, Triolab Oy

Since 2018, have focused on mass spectrometry as an analysis method (LC-MS/MS). The LC-MS/MS technique has a very high resolution which makes it possible to analyze very low concentrations of biomarkers and pharmaceuticals in blood. It is a fast and cost-effective analyzes in mass spectrometry.

The first commercially available kits and standards are for the detection of phosphatidylethanol in human blood. As sales have increased sharply, we have decided to go through distributors so we can wholeheartedly focus on developing new kits. From December 2021, Triolab Oy will market, distribution and support customer in Finland.

We feel confident that Triolab Oy, with experienced product specialists in the field of laboratory diagnostics, will provide continued good service to our customers.

Håkan Randahl

VD redhot diagnostics AB

Triolab Oy

Established in 1986, Triolab Oy is a Finnish expert company specializing in the sale and technical support of clinical diagnostics, medical and life sciences research and industrial products. Currently, Triolab employs nearly 50 people, and its annual revenue is over EUR 20 million.

The company’s head office and warehouse are located in Turku, and the company has regional offices in Espoo and Tampere. In addition, Triolab is engaged in close cooperation with Triolab Baltic OÜ, a company operating in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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