redhot has begun a collaboration with Testmotagningen on capillary sampling of PEth

Today personal health concern goes with lifestyle. One part of the modern lifestyle is alcohol consumption. Do I drink too much? How do I know that I am not in the risk zone? It is well known that alcohol consumption is related to more the 40 different diseases state everything from sleeping disorder to different types of cancer. 

The PEth test gives an incredibly good indicator for long term alcohol consumption and gives a heads up if you are drinking too much and should change your drinking habits. You can get more information at, and book a test.

redhot diagnostic rhelise™ kit is built on a capillary test, the sample is taking by a small lancet stick in the finger. Fast and easy without any complications. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful collaboration with Testmotagningen and will soon launch other analyses.

About redhot

We produce, market and sell diagnostic products based on the masspectrometry technology. We produce, market, and sell diagnostic products based on the masspectrometry technology. Our mission is to have healthier patients by providing state-of-the-art diagnostic tools for home-testing. Using our patent-pending rhelise™ kit, we are enabling diagnostic testing and therapeutic drug monitoring of patients in their home environment.

Regarding TDM we are always looking for new cooperation partners, to develop new test that could help patients to a better quality of life