On September 5 redhot diagnostics had a workshop together with Waters for the introduction of a new method for analyzing methylmalonic acid.  

Methylmalonic acid is a biomarker for vitamin B deficiency. Analysis of MMA is associated with certain difficulties and today there is not any kit on the market that meets the quality demands on robustness, high specificity, and sensitivity. 

To facilitate the analysis of MMA redhot diagnostics has developed a new way of doing the analysis which tackles the problem of separation and high background of impurities.  

The method was presented at a workshop in collaboration with Waters at Waters application laboratory. Participants where from Synlab, Kronoberg, Västra Götalands region and Triolab AB. At the workshop, the participants took blood samples with our rhelise kit, and the samples were analyzed by redhot diagnostics method. 

 The method was very well received, and the kits will be on the market from October 1.