redhot diagnostics AB has in collaboration with PEthmark AB developed a new diagnostic kit for Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) analysis on mass spectrometry (LC-MS / MS).

redhot diagnostics announced a new kit for PEth analyzes, ready for market.

Overconsumption of alcohol is a major public health problem in many countries. To be able to determine the level of alcohol consumption is important eg in health care centers (approximately 10% of nursing applicants have alcohol-related diseases), before an operation, occupational health services, workplace testing, and possibly also in forensic medicine

Phosphatidylethanol in blood (PEth) is a biomarker that has received increased interest during recent years. PEth is an unnatural phospholipid formed only in presence of ethanol, which gives a theoretical diagnostic specificity of 100% for alcohol consumption. The half life of PEth in circulation is about 4 days, which means that PEth can practically be detected up to 4 weeks after the ethanol has been cleared from the body. These factors make PEth a very attractive biomarker of alcohol consumption that can be used as a routine analysis in clinical chemistry laboratories.

The number of tests conducted in Sweden in 2014 was about 100,000 analyzes and during the last years the increase has been about 25% per year.

Currently, there are no standardized method, every laboratory is setting up their own method. redhot diagnostics has now together with its subsidiary PEthmark developed a kit for the analysis of PEth on LC-MS / MS. The kit is standardized and contains all component for making a complete analysis.

For a complete description of the quantitative procedure, please read the manual or product information on our website.