redhot is taking in new capital

redhot diagnostics takes in new capital

The board of directors for redhot diagnostics, has at the extraordinary annual general meeting on January 3, 2023, decided to carry out a targeted share issue for owners and employees of the Company. redhot diagnostics AB with headquarters in Södertälje develops new diagnostic analysis methods based on mass spectrometry for therapeutic drug monitoring (abbreviated TDM) and for various biomarkers.

redhot diagnostics is now making a directed issue to current owners and employees. The company’s CEO, Thomas Busch, increases his ownership from 5% to 9% and says: “the company is in an exciting phase, and I have a strong belief in the company and its products”

The purpose of the issue is partly to increase/broaden ownership in the company and partly to strengthen the production and marketing of analysis kits and our blood sampling kit, rhelise™.

We are now positioned to offer our distributors quality assured and cost-effective mass spectrometer diagnostic kits with high specificity and sensitivity. The issue makes it possible to effectively start marketing and sales through our distributors.Our home sampling kit “rhelise™ TAM” will be launched in Sweden for the consumer market during February. The test enables women who are prescribed tamoxifen to be able to set the dosage for optimal quality of life and maximum therapeutic effect.