Meet us in Berlin at the ESMO Breast cancer conference 11 -13 May

Find out more about the latest advancements on our tamoxifen therapeutic drug monitoring home testing. 

A clinical study in patients on adjunct tamoxifen therapy has been conducted in collaboration with Associate Professor Elham Hadayati and colleges at the Karolinska Institute/Hospital.

The poster, “A validation study of a self-testing capillary kit, the rheliseTM kit for therapeutic dose monitoring (TDM) of tamoxifen, Z-endoxifen, and 4-hydroxytamoxifen in breast cancer patients” will be presented during the conference. 

At redhot diagnostics we have developed a LC-MS/MS method for detection of Tamoxifen and Z-endoxifen in capillary blood that makes TDM possible for women prescribed tamoxifen. In parallel with the development of the analytical method, a blood sampling kit (rheliseTM) has also been developed. 

With the rhelise™ kit women can conveniently take blood samples at home and send it back to the laboratory by regular mail for analysis. Making it unnecessary to visit a hospital laboratory for blood sampling.

redhot diagnostic staff will attend the conference and be available to discuss the details of the Tamoxifen/Z-endoxifen home test and its utility for therapeutic dose monitoring (TDM) in breast cancer patients.

About redhot diagnostics AB  

We produce, market, and sell diagnostic products based on mass spectrometry technology. Our mission is to promote patient health by providing state-of-the-art diagnostic tools for home-testing. Using our patent-pending rhelise™ kit, we are enabling diagnostic testing and therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) of patients in their home environment