redhot diagnostics launch rhelise® MBL test

Successful collaboration with researchers in Lund has resulted in redhot’s first product, a Manose Binding Lectin (MBL) test. MBL is a marker for the function of the innate immune system. About 10% of the western population has a depressed function. It makes the patient more prone to bacterial and viral infections. What’s unique with this MBL test is that it only detects functional MBL in contrast to other test which measures total MBL. This is made possible through the researcher’s propriatory technique of the GlycoWell plate.

“I am very happy that we now have launched our first product. It is based on collaboration within our first co-owned company, Lundonia Biotech AB. The fact that we have done it in such a short time and at a minimal cost, shows that our business model is attractive and works as we anticipated. I am looking forward to continued stream of products from Lundonia and our second collaboration company COLLAB” – says Håkan Randahl, CEO.