Redhot has formed a new affiliated company PEthmark

PEthmark has been formed to develop, market and sales of diagnostic tests for long term alcohol intake

The new methods is under development and are based on analysis of alcohol marker phosphatidylethanol (PEth shortened) formed in the blood when alcohol is consumed and that can be identified in blood samples even for a long time afterwards. PEth used today, but the new methodology simplifies the handling considerably and gives more accurate results than current methods.

PEthmark provides water soluble analytical standard solutions of various individual PEth-homologues that  to this point in time, been a major bottle-neck in LC-MS(/MS) quantitative analysis.

The homologues has the following highlighted features:

  • Each PEth-homologue is synthesized from starting materials of non-biological origin with region- and stereochemical control.
  • The concentration of the specific PEth-homologue in each batch of standard solution is independently determined by quantitative nuclear magnetic resonance (QNMR) by employment of a, for the purpose, verified internal standard.
  • Due to the inventive combination of solvent (deuturated dimethyl sulphoxide) and appropriate additives (detergent and anti-oxidant), the analytical standard may be stored for prolonged time at ambient temperature and diluted with aqueous media in any proportion to yield a secondary solution with a concentration of choice.
  • Standard solutions comprising the most commonly used PEth-homologs and their penta deuterated counterparts are available as of the shelf products. Additional standards may be produced on request.