Idea to market

In biotech great research is the first step. To take the next step you need expertise in business. Scientists are experts in their field, and knows research better than anyone. At Redhot Diagnostics we want scientists to keep that focus.

Redhot Diagnostics are experts on biotech and life science business with a deep understanding of research and science based on own experiences. We team up with the best researchers in the field of diagnostics, adding our business knowledge to take that step towards creating the next generation of successful biotech and life science companies.

You have the ideas. Let us take care of business.

This is what we dopilner

During the research phase, up until a working prototype, the scientist has been the right person in the right place. But taking that big step from the lab to the boardroom, from research to building a profitable company is not easy.

This is where Redhot comes in.

Redhot Diagnostics- Researcher

Between innovation and market there is a long road through what is usually unfamiliar territory for the researcher. And the workload to bridge that gap often takes all focus from the research that is still needed to continue to develop the products.

Redhot Diagnostics teams up with the researcher forming a joint venture company. The researcher has the ideas and the results, Redhot the business expertise and experience. Together we create a fully operational ISO 13485 certified company that is well equipped to take the new products to market.

This is how we do itpilner

Redhot Diagnostics is all about a smart joint venture model, where Redhot acts as an interface to the market. Redhot Diagnostics works with an entirely new mind-set with a standardized process for evaluation, development, production and marketing. Being focused on diagnostics and diagnostic equipment we can fine-tune these processes even further, and more efficiently build the sales channels needed to market present and future products, cutting the time to market significantly.

All Redhot affiliated companies will benefit from this standardized process and Redhot’s expertise, brand and established sales channels.

Redhot Diagnostics- Research

Redhot Diagnostics is the hub in a network of its affiliated companies, the joint ventures formed with researchers. Redhot Diagnostics acts as the market interface for the developed products, but all value building is focused in the joint ventures preparing them for next step in the copmany’s development.

The first step in a new joint venture is to take the research results into Redhot Diagnostic where Redhot develops a working product. This product is owned by the joint venture and is leased back to Redhot. Redhot markets the products and sends the profits back to the joint venture through a license or royalty deal.

Value building in the joint venture

The focus for value building is always in the jointly formed company. It is there all IPR and product rights will be owned and it is in this company that profits from sales will be built up. Operationally Redhot Diagnostics mainly functions as a supplier to the joint venture providing services such as product development, production, sales and marketing.

The long-term aim is to build value in the joint venture and prepare it for a continued life as a stand alone company or with another industrial partner or investor.

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